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To learn more about our no-obligation energy evaluation for your business, call us at (866) 955-2677 extension 1. Please have at least 12 months of past energy bills available when you call.

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A no-obligation Good Energy evaluation provides you with:

  • Total kilowatt-hours, therms or gallons consumed by each energy account.
  • Historical costs for each account.
  • A summary of your current "Market Supply" rate, (price to beat), if applicable.
  • Possibility for energy cost savings resulting from changes you make at your facility such as peak demand shaving, lighting system retrofits, etc.
  • If energy supply cost savings are available in your market, you will also get price quotes from competitive providers of energy.


When you choose a Good Energy energy cost savings solution we can provide you with the following support:

  • ANNUAL, QUARTERLY, OR MONTHLY TRACKING ANALYSIS: Good Energy can provide you with a tracking report of your energy usage and cost to allow you to compare current usage and cost with the same period of the previous year.
  • LIGHTING RETROFIT ANALYSIS: We give you a general analysis on how to optimize your lighting costs by simply replacing inefficient bulbs and ballasts. Detailed customer analysis and consulting services are also available.
  • OTHER SERVICES: Good Energy offers many other services including utility rebate administration, Federal Energy Tax Credit administration, renewable energy credit brokerage to earn customers the EPA Green Power Partner status, and more.