Pennsylvania Electricity Deregulation


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  • Jan/00: All consumers in PA have retail access to competitive electricity suppliers. The Office of Consumer Advocate reports just over 507,000 consumers have switched to competitive suppliers as of January 2000.
  • Jan/99: About 475,000 customers (9.5 % of eligible customers) have submitted paperwork to switch their generation supplier. Retail access will be available for two thirds of the State's customers on January 1, 1999.
  • Sep/98: About 1.8 million customers have registered to choose their electric generation supplier. The customers have received a "How to Shop" guide and a list of competitive suppliers and are now in the process of making choices. Two-thirds of the state's consumers are eligible to begin receiving power from their supplier of choice in January 1999. All residential customers will receive an 8% rate reduction, and so far competitive suppliers will provide customers about 14% savings. Also, 4 "Green-e" products (a product with the Green-e logo is certified to be produced with 50% or 100% generation from renewables; see California) are being offered to Pennsylvania customers.
  • Aug/98: The Electric Choice Program has enrolled 1.75 million customers and 70 electric service providers as of 8/1/98. In September, consumers will receive information on shopping for an electric service provider and the "shopping phase" will begin. Retail access is set to begin on 1/1/99.
  • July/98: Pennsylvania consumers began signing up to participate in the first phase-in of competition, two thirds of consumers. In the first week, over 1.1 million consumers signed up for the Electric Choice Program.