Deregulation - Who Can Benefit?

Deregulation - Who Can Benefit?

Almost all consumers of power in deregulated markets can benefit from the deregulation of the electricity and natural gas supply markets. Beyond this generalization, the minutiae of the process involved in actually realizing meaningful savings can be very complex. This is because the system and policies governing deregulation sometimes lag behind legislative action to deregulate. In other words, laws are ratified, but it usually takes some time for people to figure out the details and how to operate correctly within the newly-created boundaries of law and practice. Also, deregulation does pertain in some way to regulated utilities. This means that municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, and similar government-owned utilities are often excluded or do not have the jurisdiction to participate in a deregulated marketplace. This makes for a very complex situation in some states when some customers separated by a few blocks can have vastly different prices for power and opportunities for savings. Good Energy specializes in finding ways for our customers to make the most out of whatever opportunities may be available.

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How Do I Find Out?

First, make sure you are in a deregulated state. Since deregulation is implemented at the state level many states are at different stages of the deregulation process. The states indicated on the list to the left have begun and/or have implemented deregulation. The links below are the states in which Good Energy can currently provide electricity supply consulting services.

Good Energy can provide natural gas supply consulting services in nearly all states. Good Energy is providing slectricity supply consulting and brokerage service in the following deregulated states:

If you are in a deregulated state get your energy rate analysis and make an appointment for a consultation with a Good Energy professional.