Alaska Electricity Deregulation

  • Jan/99: Chugach rejected Matanuska's offer and contended that the savings projected by the merger could easily be achieved through competition; Chugach will continue to push for statewide competition.
  • Oct/98: Matanuska Electric Association, Chugach's largest wholesale customer, offered to buy out Chugach. Chugach's assets are valued at $486 million. Chugach officials were surprised by the offer and are withholding judgement.
  • June/98: PUC rejected Chugach's argument and affirmed the PUC's authority to regulate retail wheeling.
  • Jan/98: Chugach Electric Association, the State's largest utility, urged to PUC and legislators to allow retail competition in Anchorage and surrounding areas. HB 235 primarily failed because Chugach would not support it unless it was amended to allow retail wheeling in Anchorage and surrounding areas.