Lighting Retrofit Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your energy and cost savings associated with a lighting retrofit.

For a comprehensive custom lighting retrofit analysis for your commercial facility, please call us at (866) 955-2677 or email We will need an inventory of the lighting fixtures you currently operate, hours of operation for each lighting fixture group and at least 12 of the most recent electricity bills for your facility.

Your approximate savings are:

Estimated energy savings per year: 43.80  kilowatt hours
Estimated savings per year: $5.48
Estimated cost of lighting retrofit job: $370.00
Estimated investment payback in months: 810.96  months

Update any fields to evaluate another scenario.
Existing bulb wattage watts
Retrofit bulb wattage watts
Number of bulbs per fixture bulbs
Number of light fixtures fixtures in facility
Hours of use per day hours
Electricity cost cents per KWH
$ Materials (Bulbs, Ballast) Per Fixture
Cost of retrofit per fixture $ Labor Per Fixture
$ Disposal/Recycling Per Fixture

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